Cooking classes in Seville

Cooking lessons in Seville

Seville is the most authentic City in Spain, Here you find all the costums and Spanish traditions like  flamenco, ceramic tiles, castañets, paella and tapas. Though in Seville  you can flavour some of  best food in Spain but you will not find many michelin stars restaurant here. Due to the warm weather  and a delightful climate almost the whole year round, the Sevillian are more likely to the find a local terrace and enjoy some shared tapas.

So what is it with those Spanish dished that have made them so popular the last decades?

Well, first of all  they  all  are very  easy to cook   and of course all  of them  tastes wonderful. 

So why not try to learn how to cook a real spanish meal? In Seville the last year  many  cooking schools have appeared where they teaches tourists as well as locals to cook local dishes but also dishes from other culinary origins.

I will show you some of the cooking schools where you can learn cooking paella, tapas and other spanish and international dishes.

Travel & Cuisine

This was maybe the first cooking school of this kind that opened in Seville. It is Run By Amalia how is an excellent cook, she offers private tailor made cooking experiences for tourists but she also invited chefs with other specialities giving cooking lessons in Sushi, arabic cooking traditions, pasta among others. She have a lovely terrace with views overlooking the cathedral where her cooking "students" can enjoy their self cooked meal after the clases. Address: Av. de la Constitución, 36, 41001 Sevilla

Talleres de Cocina Andaluza

This cooking schools is maybe the most success and popular of all the cooking schools in Seville. Located in the traditional Triana Food Market with different stalls of fresh food, a perfect location for an Gastronomic Experiences. They offer a daily set menu with tortilla, gazpacho and paella , but you can also sign up for other menus such as a tapas menu, but also on request for grupos or companies. Address: Mercado de Abastos de Triana, Plaza del Altozano, S/N Locales 75-77, 41010 Sevilla

Mimo Seville

I would say that this is maybe the most exclusive and elegant cooking school, located in the Hotel Alfonso XIII though it is an independent business from the hotel. In their chic and stylish cooking facilities they a traditional spanish menu for tourists but they offer also Moorish or Arabic cooking lesson for those wanting to se the connection and influences between the Spanish and Moorish cooking. They also offer a michelin star cooking class for those of a more selective and gastronomic. Adress: Hotel Alfonso XIII, Calle San Fernando, 2, piso 1, 41004 Sevilla

private cooking lesson

Food Club

The Food Club is located in the fresh food Market in the Arenal neighbourhood, one of the oldest districts in Sevilla. The building was built in 947 and is an example of the regional arquitectura of the era. They offer a paella workshops in Seville, 100% participatory, they want to teach the authentic paella techniques. Together with their chef Johannes, you may participants and learn how to manipulate high quality ingredients and to master the technique to cook a delicious paella. They organise daily paella workshops, where you work all together around the stoves. You will share the kitchen with our chef and enjoy the process and the results with a great selection of appetisers and wines. The Food Club is a very spacious venue equipped with latest technology, where you will have a remarkable day with your friends and will learn to make the authentic paella. The workshop includes: a selection of traditional & author tapas and drinks. Adress: Calle Pastor y Landero, 4, Número 46, 41001 Sevilla

Fresh Cooking

The person behind the Fresh Cooking is Ana Lopez from Valencia. Was an economist that turned her passion into a business. She offer through Skype and video conference cooking lessons with different chefs from all around the world. She offer cooking lessons for amazing Pasta dishes from Italy,a real Sushi chef from Japan, Michelin Stars chef from Singapur,and many more, and of course Paella cooking from Eva Lopez herself. The Idea is that you can stay at your home and through Skype you get all the instructions from the chef through Stipe. Address: Calle Imagen, 12, 6ºC, 41003 Sevilla

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