6 Most Authentic and Typical Tapas Bars in Seville

6 Most Authetic Tapas bars in Seville

Tapas, tapas, tapas in the end that is normally what we all eat in Seville because there are so many tapas bars to choose from and it is easy, tasty and I really find the charm in eating tapas on a small terrace even  on the sidewalk in the small narrow streets. We will help you find the way in the jungle  of tapas bars to those bars  where the time has stand still and they have been serving the same tapas more than 100 -200 and almost 350 years, and are  still going strong. 

1. EL Rinconcillo

The oldest bar in Seville From 1670 more than 300 years has this bar been serving traditional tapas dishes. The bill is still written in chalk on the mahogany bar. Try the check beans with spinach, one of my favorits tapas.  Apart from the Tapas bar, they have also a nice restaurant in upper floor.. c / Gerona, 40. Phone: +34 954 22 31 83

2.Bodeguita Romero

A decoration that combined the spirit of a traditional Sevillian patio with more tropical and exotic elements. And an innovative kitchen that will leave you with a very good flavours. One of my favorite dishes is the fried eggplant canes with honey. Here you find a perfect murge between new and old gastronomy. Adress: c / Rosario, 15 Phone + 34 954 22 95 56. .

3. Bodega 2 de Mayo

This tapas bar is one of the classical tapas bars for the “Sevillanos” in the city center, You order directly at the bar and there are few seats but both inside and outside on the terrace but it is most likely that you will have to stand. The waiters are very efficient and service minded and the traditional food eaten here is a delight. Address: Plaza de la Gavidia, 6. Phone:+34 954 90 86 47

4. Bar Postiguillo

Located close to the bullring and concert hall. This is a classical tapas bar that you would say is a tourist trap with bull head decoration on the walls, but is not. Very good traditional dishes based on first-class products. Excellent services and a good price. c/ Dos de Mayo, 2. Phone: + 34 954 56 51 62

5. Bodega Santa Cruz

This Tapas bar located only a few steps from the Cathedral is like a classical monument for the people living in Seville, a meeting point to talk and mingle with their tapas like always to a very reasonable rates. . . c /Rodrigo Cario 1. Phone: +34 954 21 86 18

6. Casa Morales

Also one of the classic tapas bar in Sevilla It opened in 1850. It is an establishment with a tradition that breathes authenticity. The key is, probably, that it is managed by the same family from its origins. Don’t miss the giant old wine vats in the side room. . c / García de Vinuesa, 11 Phone: +34 954 21 86 18

All  these charming Tapas Bars  located in Seville downtown  are unique and show a passion for Seville’s food traditions. bringing them from generation to generation.

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