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Hi, my name is Gunvor, join me for more information about all the best gastro proposals and good to know stuff all with a touch of luxury in Seville.With me I want you to emurge in Seville and all there is to discover. In this blog you will be updated on Gastronomic Experiences you can do in Seville, Andalucia and also elsewhere in Spain. I will write about experiences, tours, food, products and other things I am sure will interest you.

8 things you must see in Granada

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains lies Granada, a city with history and spectacular architecture in abundance. Once the capital of Moorish Spain, this city combines culture, art and architecture from Europe and North Africa, creating one of … Read More

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10 things you must see in Andalusia

Deciding where to go during your time in Andalusia can be difficult. There are so many places to visit! From the most amazing sights in the big cities, to cute white villages. And don´t forget about the nature and cultural … Read More

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Seville, the beginning, true love

SEVILLA in my heart, Describing Seville in this way, in a few words in a Blog can be a difficult affair, but I will try…. I will try to tell you about beautiful Seville and what makes me love this … Read More

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8 most beautiful white villages in Andalusia

Between Cádiz and Málaga in the Andalucian mountains you find  some of Andalucias most valuable treasures.  The beautiful whitewashed villages with labyrinthic cobber streets decorate with colorful flowers of Andalusia. This place is where time stands still and you find … Read More

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All you need to know about the Easter celebration in Seville

With the spring in Seville, “Sevillans” (those who live in Seville) wake up to life. A fascinating time, Seville smells like azahar and the bogan villa lights up everyday life with its pink flowers, the streets are crowded with good … Read More

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Why is La Feria de Seville the most important fiesta en Andalucia?

The world’s most colorful party – Light, color and lots of joy!! Every year, Seville holds the World’s most colorful party, Light, color and lots of joy,The feast that keeps the Sevillian alive from one year to another.   The … Read More

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The Best Flamenco guide in Seville

The 10 most Autentic Flamenco performances in Seville. Visiting Seville without enjoying  a  first-hand flamenco performance  is missing part of the amazing Spanish and Sevillian culture. Many have heard about flamenco but are not really sure about what it really … Read More

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8 Best restaurants in Seville

8 Best restaurants in Seville Though Seville is most  know for its Tapas bars, the love for good food is always present. During the last 5-10 years  in Seville there has been a gastronomic revolution and gladly for us living … Read More

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fresh food markets seville

The Best Fresh Food Markets in Seville

Best Fresh food Market in Seville Food Lover? Than you will find your direct way to a food market if that is the case. Seville is blessed with wonderful samples of amazing markets showing the best of local products and  … Read More

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6 Most Authentic and Typical Tapas Bars in Seville

6 Most Authetic Tapas bars in Seville Tapas, tapas, tapas in the end that is normally what we all eat in Seville because there are so many tapas bars to choose from and it is easy, tasty and I really … Read More

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