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Gunvor Guttormsen welcomes you to Flavors of Andalucia  in Seville , she is the owner and the person behind Flavors of Andalucia.

She was  born and raised in  Norway  but in a  young age faith and destiny have given her the pleasure to be  living in Seville for more than 25 years.  Here she has found her passion for Spanish food and for Andalucia,  the city she adores and has just fallen in love with. 

 She has a service minded spirit, and her  whole life she has been excited about given excellent service and of course  whats always  has been driven her: to have satisfied customers.  

Everybody like local delicious  food says  Gunvor,  and that is what you will get when booking a tour with her.  

She has hand picked all the tours and experiences  you will enjoy with Flavors of Andalucia, introdusing you to the world of tapas, Spanish gastronomy with the touch of style and luxury and  fare from all the tourist traps.

Our Vision

Our vision and goal  is to offer Remarkable Culinary Experiences for demanding visitors.   Experiences and Tours that has the special  touch of privacy and luxury going beyond the ordinary.  Making you feel that  our services were meant to be for you only. 

 Seville, Andalucia and Spain   have a lot to offer with its landscape, gastronomy and culture and we know how  to bland it for the perfect setting.

You are part of our vision, we are always open for new ideas and if you have a special occasion, something to celebrate or  want something special, let us know,   only you are the limit of what we can create for you.

Andalucia has something special and we want you to discover  what is beyond. We go further behind the scenes looking for the little extra that makes it unique.

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We are partner with boutique hotels, family owned restaurants, wineries and cheese makers making sure that the quality of our services are unique, authentic and with outstanding quality

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