Traveling with us will make you discover the food highlights of Andalucia and Spain. On our round tours as well as our special designed food itineraries the discovery of regional cuisines is in the focus. Your journeys will take you around the Andalucian countryside, through Spain’s foodie capitals in the Center of Spain as well as unknown wine districts with excellent quality wines and food traditions.

Make Paella with a local chef, taste Spanish ham sliced in front of you in the factory, pick grapes in a vineyard, and dine on seafood caught by a fishing boat coming into port. Let this journey through Andalucia and Spain tickle your taste buds and fulfill your culinary dreams.

Although many of us consider “Spanish food” one type of cuisine, throughout this journey you’ll learn about the history of different regions of Spain and the cuisine that hails from each locale. Our dining experiences focus on eating what’s fresh, seasonal, and local

Exclusive Wines Bodega Experience

It is rare to find a Spanish region that does not produce wine. Nevertheless in Spain and especially in Andalucia which is an upcoming wine region, the variety of different wine types produced in this region is unique.

Apart from red wine and white wine, you also find sparkling wine, sherry wines, sweet dessert wines and brandies among others.

With years of experiences and knowledge we know our way around the bodega jungle and tailor made incomparable food experiences for you.


Exclusive Dinners

Andalucia is a region that breathes romance and style with restaurants and venues that will blow you away. Find inspiration in many of the historical monuments and buildings that can easily transform into an exclusive elegant dinner venue.

We create the unique exquisite atmosphere in a palace from the 16th century, on a rooftop terrace overlooking the majestic Cathedral in Seville or in a luxurious stylish countryside estate.

Let your imagination flow and we will make it happen.


"Wherever you travel becomes a part of you somehow"

Amazing Tastings

There is no better place to explore Spain’s extraordinary food culture than in Andalucia. From high quality sommelier tastings at traditional wine cellers to innovating ecological olive oil tasting with chocolate ice cream. Make sure you savour a 9 course gourmet tasting menu at one of the fine dine restaurants in Andalucia.

We introduce you to ecological local farmers of cheese, ham, sausages, making true delicatessen the traditional way.

Flavor local 100% Spanish family run quality food aromas.


Culinary Gateways

Whether innovation tapas or hearty homemade dishes, gastronomy is serious business in Spain.

Andalucia is a dream for any foodie enthusiast. Around every corner you’ll find a charming tapas bar, a local food market, a churreria or a delicatessen shop with local produts.

On our getaways you fell in love with this fascinating region through an unforgettable Spanish cooking vacation with its two most essential ingredients: food and wine


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