5 Charming Bodegas in Seville

5 charming bodegas en Seville

5 Charming Bodegas In Seville

Seville is an  oasis of food, gastronomy and flavors.   And one of the main activity tourists are searching for   when coming to Seville is unique  and authentic food Experiences.

A visit to a winery  and a wine tasting are on many’s  to do list .  Jerez de la Frontera has been the top destination for wine tours and bodega visits and has almost the monopoly for wine tours from Seville.

But what is a hidden secret and an unknown  jewelry for many tourist  is the many excellent bodegas  located in  the province of  Seville.

Local bodegas with true character  offering good wines and  they have been making wines for generations.

Now starting to be recognized not only nationally but also Internationally.  We will here show you some of these bodegas.

1. Bodegas Gongora

This bodega is located in the small village Villanueva de Ariscal in the region of Aljarafe. ( Arab term which means “ High and noble land “. The history of the Bodega goes back to the year 1682 and started its production in an old country house called Pata de Hierro also name of one of their best wines.. The bodega preserves a winepress dates from 1.574, and between the old “lagar” is the oldest part of the cellar. The Spanish Ministry of Culture has declared this press as a national monument, and is the only one of its kind that has been perfectly conserved, working once a year after the harvest. Today the bodega is run by the 7th Generation Gongora and produces both traditional fino wine and white wine, but also other sherry wines, Like Pedro Jiménez sweet wines. With the change of the new generation they have also started to produce sweet liquor wine with orange flavour and chocolate flavour.

bodega gongora

2. Bodegas F. Salado Umbrete

For the Salado´s family it is a lifestyle to be a wine grower and wine producer. It is the five generations that is running the bodega. Each generation has added new value to the business, always based on the family unit, with effort, sacrifice and a great deal of enthusiasm. The “Bodegas Salado” is located in the Aljarafe area of Seville, specifically in the villages of Umbrete. Their extensive vineyards are located on top of the hills of Aljarafe from where you can enjoy the natural and striking beauty of its views. Today the Bodega produces different kind of wines, such as white wine, sparking wine and red wines, being the first one in Aljarafe, but also white wines, sherry wines and sweet Pedro Jimenez wines. Different kind og sherry wines have always been present at Bodega Salado and they are still producing their Musto and Vermouth which have been the the wines produced in the very beginning,

bodega Salado sevilla

3. Gonzalez Palacio

The Bodega González Palacios started more like a passion than a business Idea. In the 1960 the founder Mr. Francisco González Palacios, who was a wine lover and an expert on wines started to make wines as a hobby. Bus soon it turned into a business. Today it is the adventurer’s son Felix (González Vélez), that is in charge of this amazing Bodega. Located in the small and charming village of Lebrija. Here you find the unique microclimate on the banks of Guadalquivir and not fare from the Sea the perfect conditions for wine production and ageing of wines., The region of Lebrija has its own protected Denomination of origin brand DOP Lebrija the only one in the Seville region. Still driven by the passion for wines, the Bodega Gonzalez Palacio produces white wines, red wines and sherry wines among them the sweet wine Pedro Jimenez and fino wine.

bodegas Gonzalez Palacio Lebrija

4. Bodegas Terra Savia Casalla de la Sierra

This Ecological Bodega Tierra Savia located in a unique setting in the Montain area of the North of Seville “ Sierra Morena”. It is a family run bodega that are putting their effort in making quality wines. The idea behind the bodega is to obtain the best expression out of the soil and land through their wines . The name of the bodega expresses just that “Tierra Savia” “Rich Soil” . The area of Sierra Morena wines have been produced through centuries and preserves long wine producing traditions. Here working the soil, and cultivate vineyards on the hillside gives you wonderful sensations, making wines the most natural way The principal wines produced is the bodega is white wine young red wine and the recently years they are making sparkling wine.

5. Bodega La Margarita

This upcoming bodega run by Raúl Fernández is located in the mountain region of the north of Sevilla called Sierra Moerena in the village Constantina. This bodega has renewed the old wine traditions in the region since 1995. It was on former olive farm that was converted into a vineyards occupying a total of 32 hectares today. The bodega started producing quality red wines mature on American, French and Hungarian oak barrels. The bodega has received many awards and has been considered in many occasion for the best red wines in the southern Spain.


All  these charming bodegas situated in the province of Seville  are unique and shows a passion for wine  making being  most of them ecological using grapes of different kind that are all adapted to the fertile  soil in the southern Spain. 

Would you like to know more about these bodegas and enjoy the delicious  gastronomy in their environments, feel free to contact us and we can a arrange a private visit  to any of these bodegas in combination with a local lunch and transport from Seville. 

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